Interested in doing a Mindfulness Course?

We offer a range of Mindfulness Courses to individuals
and organisations in Dublin.

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Mindful Self Compassion
8 Week starts Mon Oct 27th >

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
8 Week starts Tues Oct 28th >

Mindfulness is:

Paying attention, On Purpose
In the Present Moment. Non Judgementally   more >

Why not try…

- A body scan  or another guided meditation >
- Are you stressed? Test your state of mind >
- Mindfulness Articles >
- Mindfulness Quotes / Poetry >


Benefits Of Mindfulness


Awake… Alert… Alive… Amazed!

Overwhelming evidence shows boosts to health, happiness,
intelligence, creativity and compassion.


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Watch Now…

A selection of  the best video clips on mindfulness  and related areas from pioneers  like Jon Kabat Zinn, Mark Williams, Kristin Neff, Thich Nhan Hanh, Paul Gilbert, the BBC and more… VIEW ALL VIDEOS >

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